Why you should expunge a felony record

How to Expunge FelonyWhen you have your felony expunged, you can apply for jobs withmore confidence. In most states, when your felony is expunged, you can honestly say you were not convicted of a felony. Expunging your felony records prevents those records from coming up on background checks. After expungement, you can apply for many professional licenses issued by the state such as, medical licenses, nursing licenses, contractors license, real estate licenses and many others. While the felony may be visible under limited circumstances, having it expunged shows the court has approved of your post felony conduct. Below are some benefits you can expect to see after you have your felony expunged or sealed.

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* Tell employers that you have not been convicted of a felony
* Become eligible for student loans and apply for credit
* Become eligible for housing assistance
* Become eligible for professional licenses and certificates
* Tell friends and family you were not convicted of a felony
* To stop the embarrassment and fear of background checks being performed on you.

Making the Decision to Expunge or Seal Your Felony

Expungement of felony ConvictionExpunging or sealing your felony record is an investment in you. The expense associated with it may seem large at the moment, but like all investments, you need to look at the longterm view. For instance, let's say the cost to expunge a felony is $1000. That may seem expensive right now. But, if it means you get a job in 1 month as opposed to six months, it can mean the difference between making $10,000 in 6 months or $2,000 in six months. So, even at minimum wage, coming up with the $1000 now can lead to an extra $8,000 over 6 months— that is an investment any investor or stock broker run to. The cost-benefit analysis is even more persuasive if you look at the potential return over a lifetime. Felony expungement and record sealing is an investment you must make.

Types of jobs that are difficult to get with a felony record:

  • Teaching job with felony record
  • Nurse with felony record
  • State job with felony record
  • Police officer with felony record